Eastport design
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Hi Folks
I am taking a couple of months off - back September 2014. 

Muskoka Bedding Co. customers will recognize the creative work of founder, Deborah Cooper, here at the Eastport website.

Eastport continues to produce those unique and personal items that its customers have come to know and love. Only the finest of textiles are used in our designs and a genuine commitment has been made to use Canadian-made products. When these cannot be found, we have them made in London, Ontario by a group of enterprising work-at-home moms.

The unique aspect of the finished product lies in the customer’s input: first, you choose the item, then select a graphic, choose your favourite colours and, finally, you choose your font for the text. If you are not sure what your choices will look like as a final product, we can easily send you a mockup of the design for your approval.  As always, Muskoka Bedding Co. and Eastport continues to produce unique and special gifts for weddings, showers, babies and all other special and family occasions. 

Watch our website for special offerings and prices.